What even is this?

Here at Alphabet Bands, we love new music and are always on the look out for some great new sounds to enjoy and share. This will be a newsletter that focuses on acts you may not have heard of, covering multiple genres, providing samples of their music with (hopefully) some good writing and even a bit of humour accompanying them. It won’t just be a series of links to songs or a playlist, that’s what Spotify is for.

Who are you?

I’m Adam H, I’ve written about music as Alphabet Bands for a number of years now, previously over at Wordpress. I’ve helped discover / promote / break (it’s hard to choose a word for that without sounds a bit pompous) a lot of new acts just as they started out, including Let’s Eat Grandma and Public Service Broadcasting. I’ve been featured in The Guardian, popped up on various radio shows (including BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio) at different points, and was once even on the Record of the day longlist for Blog of the Year. Those were heady times.

Why should I subscribe?

By subscribing you’ll get all the content sent straight to your inbox. You need never search for a website again! I’ll be starting off with free content, posting once or twice a week. Depending on how well it goes, and how much time I am able to devote to it, I may well introduce paid content later on, potentially longer form reads, interviews that sort of thing.

Will the actual Alphabet Bands concept still exist?

Ah, I see you are a connoisseur of the old site. Yes, the Alphabet Bands concept will remain. Though it may need to go through yet another evolution, given this strange new world of sending a newsletter.

For the uninitiated, it was originally meant as a challenge to find and write only about bands we’d not yet heard, irrespective of how established they were or level of popularity they had already attained. That then morphed into a focus on new acts you were not likely to have heard of that were producing really exciting music. One for each letter of the alphabet. Hence the name.

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Here at Alphabet Bands, we love new music and try to focus on new acts you might not have heard of and that are producing really exciting new sounds. We may write about other music related stuff as the mood takes us, just for fun.


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